Our goal as Ajinomoto Group is to provide employees with the opportunity to develop and use their skills and abilities with an attitude that respects their diversity, character and individuality, in order to create meaningful employment opportunities.

Our work requires a global perspective. In this context, we attach high importance to teamwork, creativity, and pioneering spirit, and work to contribute to the development of Ajinomoto Group. With the continuous development of Ajinomoto Group, we encourage employees to strive for satisfying lives and to contribute to social welfare. We build and maintain positive work environments based on open communication, which do not harbor discrimination and harassment, and where people respect each other’s dignity. We ensure that the work environment is safe and comfortable.

Providing Equal Employment Opportunities and Fair Human Resource Policies

  • We receive and develop different human resources from various countries and regions that will support and direct the future of Ajinomoto Group.
  • We value independent, development-oriented employees and give them equal opportunities to increase their skills and use them effectively.
  • We respect the values and talents of individuals and treat all employees on equal terms in all kinds of staff relations.
  • We evaluate the produced results, responsibilities and abilities of each individual employee fairly, and we treat employees appropriately in all staff relationships.

Achieving Development of Ajinomoto Group along with Personal Development

We value teamwork that aims to promote mutual trust at work, and we build our relationships accordingly.
We take initiative to improve ourselves so that our activities contribute to the society at large.

Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment

  • We respect the culture of each country and region, and we prohibit and object to any discrimination against race, ethnic group, nationality, religion, place of birth, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other kind of characteristic quality.
  • We are strongly opposed to all kinds of words and behaviors that might be obscene, or considered to be sexual harassment at work.
  • We prohibit the exploitation of a work position that would violate the human rights of employees at work.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Work Space

  • We are doing everything possible to ensure the security of every employee, and to protect and improve the environment so that everyone can work in a safe and healthy workplace. We also make every reasonable effort to prevent disasters, accidents and incidents, and have installed internal systems, including training programs for employees and the safe usage of equipment, to create a responsive, efficient, and comfortable work environment.
  • We strive to understand and comply with all laws and regulations relating to security and health services.
  • Ajinomoto Group Companies help employees pay attention to and protect their health so that they can always work in good health.