Bizim Mutfak Bakliyatlı Çorbalar

After incorporated into Ajinomoto, Bizim Mutfak was restructured with the vision “nutritious, practical kitchen” and has taken its place on the shelves with three new varieties of soup containing Super Foods by breaking new ground. The brand, which presents Quinoa Lentil, Einkorn Wheat and Buckwheat soup mixes to consumers’ taste, has become the pioneer of the rising trend "Super Foods" in the world with this series by breaking new ground in Turkey.

Bizim Mutfak introduced the “Superfoods” Soup Series, produced in three different tastes, at the launching meeting hosted by Marketing Executive Board Member of Ajinomoto, Hülya Gündoğan Uçarlar, and artist Ceyda Düvenci and Dietitian Elvan Odabaşı took place as speakers. At the launch held at Swissotel Chalet on 2 April, Bizim Mutfak brought Turkey’s first “Superfoods” Soup Series consisting of Quinoa Lentil, Einkorn Wheat, and Buckwheat soup mixes to its consumers.

Instead of buying the legumes and cereals needed to make soup separately, last year Bizim Mutfak launched the product series of Legumes Soups that provided all this nutritious content in one package and defined the instant soup category from the beginning. The brand has now presented Bizim Mutfak “Superfoods” Soup Series to the consumer's taste with the Superfoods trend, which is led by the USA and European countries.

What is Super Food (Superfoods)?

Compared to other foods, the common feature of superfoods such as einkorn wheat, walnuts, quinoa, and blueberries is that besides they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fibrous, they are foods that reduce the risk of cancer, heart and chronic diseases.

America and Europe are the closest followers of this trend, which was pronounced for the first time in the 1940s and its name began to be heard more in the late 90s. With the increasing awareness of healthy and conscious nutrition, Super Foods have spread throughout the world and become a rising trend.

Hülya Gündoğan Uçarlar: “We combined the heritage of rich Turkish cuisine, the food of the future with legumes and the world's superfoods.”

Hülya Gündoğan Uçarlar, Marketing Executive Board Member of Ajinomoto noted that the rate of superfood use increased by 202 percent among the food launches worldwide. Uçarlar made the following evaluations about their first products in the super food category:

The factor that encouraged us in the production of Bizim Mutfak “Superfoods” Soup Series was the intense interest of our legume soups in addition to Superfoods becoming a major trend in the world. We opened a new segment in the soup category in Turkey with our Legume soups that we have been producing with the understanding “Nutritios, Practical Kitchen”. Today, as a company that gives great importance to its consumer's foresight and has put living well in focus for 110 years, we are realizing the idea of “Superfoods” Soup Series with Super Nutrient content.

Our R&D unit has developed three different products which provides extra nutrition; Quinoa Lentil, Einkorn Wheat, and Buckwheat soup mixes. These three products, as the poineer of Superfoods-Super Nutritiens trends, will address everyone who says nutritiousness and practicality. We think that we have brought a new breath to Turkish cuisine by combining legumes of the future with the heritage of our rich cuisine and the world's superfoods.”

Dietician Elvan Odabaşı: “Superfoods” is the world's food pharmacy

Dietician Elvan Odabaşı, who gave information about Superfoods, said:
“In today’s world, where we eat but we cannot take nourishment, Super Foods in fact are the foods that are our heritage from the past to present. Inadequate nutrition that we take from foods, which are short of rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber, has a negative effect on our immune system. For the last 50 years, for people who have been fed and fattened by this lacking nutrition model, Super Foods must find the place they deserve in our plates. We need super foods for a healthy, fit, happy and long life. Superfoods are our healing source. The most important benefits are; being a rich source of fiber with high antioxidant contents such as carotenoids, vitamins A and E and polyphenols.These Super Foods, which serve as a shield of our kitchens, serve both our body and soul with their ingredients. Super Foods constitute the world's food pharmacy and the doctor enters the house that they do not enter.”

Ceyda Düvenci: A Practical, Nutritious Option

Ceyda Düvenci, who explained her own nutrition style by giving examples from her life, shared the following:
"I believe that I need to live a more conscious and healthy life for my loved ones and for myself. I carefully select every food product that enters our house. As a mother who takes the right diet and healthy life to the center of life, I have been distant from packaged foods until today. However, I saw by trying Bizim Mutfak Legume Soups that I should care about what the ingredients are and how they are produced rather than the food is in the package. There are valuable legumes in each package. For the first time I find such different mixes together with the Super Nutrition concept. Its consisting only 100% legumes and grains, when you take the package, to see what is inside thanks to its transparent window, to cook it in a short time and to offer a nutritious alternative are among the reasons why I adopt these products.”