We employ 1700 people in our R&D department
Our R&D studies focus on amino acids.
We lead the world in food manufacturing and amino acid production.
Since our entry into the market with the world’s first umami seasoning in 1909, Ajinomoto® has been offering innovative food products to the whole world. We are devoted to finding solutions to the challenges the world faces in the fields of global sustainability, food resources and healthy living.
Takaaki Nishii

"With the discovery of umami serving as the cornerstone of its foundation, the Ajinomoto Group assumes global leadership in the research and development of amino acids, and conducts business rooted in the cultures of various regions around the world. We, the Ajinomoto Group, will continue to brush up our unique technologies, and through our business activities, we will contribute to the resolution of issues for human society in the 21st century.""

Takaaki Nishii
Representative Director
Chairman and CEO

Takaaki Nishii
Ajinomoto R&D workers lead experts in food production, fermentation, biotechnology, chemical engineering and other related disciplines. In our R&D studies on Food Products and Amino Science, we focus on creating value-added products that are not available elsewhere.

Amino acids lie at the very center of our R&D activity. Our research helped our development and growth in modern bioscience and chemistry and led to the birth of new high value-added materials and products as well as new business models.

With the help of our group values, we are transforming the economic worth produced by our commercial activities into investments for the solution of social problems. Our investments in areas such as technology and skills create a productive value cycle by contributing to the solution of social problems. “Ajinomoto Group Shared Values” represents a strategic enterprise that makes sustainable growth real.

By virtue of this cycle, we increase the contributions of our company by enhancing our corporate value while improving the self-realization and participation processes of our employees.



Ajinomoto’s R&D employees act as leaders for the experts and specialists in food production, fermentation, biotechnology, chemical engineering and other disciplines. About 10% of the company’s R&D employees have post-graduate degrees.




We use our superior seasoning technology to add a new flavor and value to various food across the world.

We are the world leader in food industry R&D. Our scientific perspective and the new technologies and components we have developed offer new solutions worldwide. Our wide range of product developments include menu-specific flavors, soups and bouillons, frozen goods, and beverages for home, businesses, and other venues. Our R&D team works in active collaboration with other companies, institutions and organizations to implement and integrate the creative technologies and experiences of our Group.


The Ajinomoto Group is the founder of the discipline known as AminoScience. We lead the current tide of breakthroughs in the use of amino acids in cutting-edge bioscience and fine chemical terminology.

Our R&D efforts are focused on pioneering solutions on a global scale, ranging from new biomaterials to animal and plant nutrition, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, advanced medicine, wellness and nutrition.

Our goal is to create new value. To achieve this goal, we are actively developing our global innovation network through our companies and R&D teams in Japan and around the world.