Since our foundation in Turkey in 2011, we have continued to grow with our investments. We are among Turkey’s most important food producers, with ready-made soups, bouillon, seasoning mixtures, puddings, vinegar, pickles and sauces that we produce under the brands Bizim Mutfak and Kemal Kükrer.

Ajinomoto is making its mark with strong investments because of its belief in Turkey’s recent economic vision and growth potential. Founded in 2011 in Turkey, Ajinomoto bought 50 percent of Kükrer Food Inc., one of Turkey’s oldest manufacturers of liquid foodstuffs, in 2013.

In 2017, Ajinomoto carried out two major investments in the Turkish market. Ajinomoto incorporated two of Turkey’s strongest brands by taking over from Yıldız Holding (Ülker) the whole of Örgen Food, which produces the Bizim Mutfak brand products, and purchasing the remaining shares of Kükrer Food.

We have become one of the largest food companies in Turkey in our industry as a result of our investments. We plan to achieve a much more significant position by increasing and enriching our capacity with new investments. Our main objective is to make Turkey a regional production base for the Middle East, Iran, North Africa and Germany within 5 years.

The “Rising Stars” group, of which Turkey is a member, accounts for 2 percent of Ajinomoto’s turnover. Ajinomoto aims to multiply this level by around four times by 2020, making Turkey a geographical production base.

By taking advantage of Ajinomoto’s R & D capacity and global network, we will focus on new products. We are currently developing products suitable to Turkish eating habits and tastes.

We will both increase our production and diversification of food products in Turkey, and contribute to the agricultural economy by transporting what we produce in Turkey to global markets. We will also support Turkish cuisine with the goal of achieving a better awareness in the world, as this important cultural heritage deserves.


Sinan Altun